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The memories of the visit in As Pontes in Spain

Print Dodany 2007-06-11 09:30:57 przez Piotr Urbaniak

The memories of the visit in As Pontes in Spain
with the representatives of Socrates Comenius Group

The headmaster mgr Edyta Miśkowiec, the English teacher and eight students, in May, went to Spain to meet coordinators and partners of Socrates Comenius project from school I. T. C ,, De Amicis“ from Rovigo in Italy and IES Castro da Uz from As Pontes in Spain.

The main aim of the visit was the evaluation of the project ,,Folklore, Music and Traditions”. All the schools have presented their works i.e. the traditional games of each country. We were given the book in which there are all the works of students. The book has been prepared by the coordinators of the project as the summary of all the works as it is the end of this project.

We also took part in the party organized by the students’ parents. The ones who hosted our students. It was an opportunity to taste traditional dishes and to listen to Galician music.

During our stay we have visited the famous Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, the Natural History Museum and the coast.
The trip was very, very long (we traveled by bus!) but everything was worth seeing it.

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