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As Pontes

Print Dodany 2005-11-23 10:51:13 przez Piotr Urbaniak

The school year 2005/2006 is the second year of the cooperation between our school Gimnazjum nr.1 and the schools from As Pontes in Spain and Rovigo in Italy. The three schools are working on the international project entitled: Music, Folklore and Traditions within the frames of educational program Socrates Comenius.
The meeting took place in As Pontes from 2nd to 7th November 2005. For the meeting the representatives of the three schools arrived (that is 2 teachers and 6 students from Rovigo and 2 English teachers Miss Monika Kosek and Miss Edyta Miśkowiec with 4 students).
During the visit our students could learn about the customs and daily life of their peers from As Pontes as they lived in Spanish families.
The schedule was very rich and intense. We visited the beautiful cathedral of Saint James in Santiago de Campostella, Galician Museum, Main Square and the lighthouse in La Coruna.
We spent one day at school. Polish and Italian students participated in Spanish lessons and together they celebrated the Gaelic festival called Samain. Great attraction at school was eating baked chestnuts, making Jack-o-lanterns and playing sports. During the following 2 days we went sightseeing As Pontes and La Coruna. Moreover, teachers responsible for the project took part in the numerous workshops during which we could discuss the results and work done since last year.
Additionally, the coordinators of the program were interviewed for the local television and on last day of our stay we could see the photos of us in the local newspaper .and read an article about the project
Students and teachers came back home with a lot of great experiences and beautiful memories.

mgr Monika Kosek

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