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Our trip to Ciempozuelos (Madrid, Spain)

Print Dodany 2012-12-05 14:28:47 przez Piotr Urbaniak

Our trip to Ciempozuelos (Madrid, Spain)

The students who went to Spain were Weronika Skwarek, Klaudia Bochnak, Amy Antolak, Weronika Wlaźlak, Tomek Matuszek and Agnieszka Majchrzak. We are doing Comenius project about water. It is called "Water-Elixir of life". Our teachers who came with us were Monika Kosek-Zembura and Barbara Deja. On the 16th of November we met by the school at 2.30 a.m. We went to the airport in Kraków and after sitting there for an hour we were informed that our plane had been delayed because of the weather conditions. Our whole group had to travel by bus to Katowice and from there we flew by plane to Germany. In Germany because of all this mess we had to wait 4 hours for the next plane to Madrid in Spain. After we came to Ciempozuelos it was dark. We met the families which we lived with. It was a hard time trying to understand each other but we managed to get along. It was actually funny trying to understand each other.

The next day we got up early and went to Madrid by train. We went to walk around the Retiro Park and the lake. We played a game there. We got separated to groups. Every group got a map and and a paper with  the objects we had to find and take pictures of. Our legs hurt because of all the walking we had done. After this game we had a break. Later we went to the Prado museum. It was huge. There were lots of paintings. That was the end of our day. We went back to our families.

On Sunday we went to visit this national park. It’s a wetland. I met a lot of people. It was fun trying to talk to them but I liked them all. It was a warm and sunny day. After visiting this national park we went back to Madrid and walked through it. Later we went back to Ciempozuelos by train. This was the end of activities for Sunday.

On Monday everyone met in the gymnasium of the high school in Ciempozuelos. We got divided into groups. Every group had someone from each country. After we all found out in which group  we are in we started to show our presentations about our school and regional aspects of water. It was fun watching other student’s presentations. Everyone had a funny accent. Later our groups went to the workshops.  Every group did only two workshops. Then we had lunch. After lunch we went to the city Aranjuez. We visited a palace and gardens, lake and a river . After all this sightseeing it was the end of activities.

On Tuesday we all went to the high school into the gymnasium. We sang a song. Later we started building a tower. We had to build the highest tower. Then we went to our workshops. We finished all of our workshops. After that we went home and ate dinner. Then we came back to the gymnasium to say goodbye. We had music. We danced. We took a lot of pictures. After this goodbye party everyone went home.

Wednesday was the day we all went home. Everyone met in the main hallway of the high school. It was really sad. Everyone said goodbye to each other. Some people even cried. Everyone hugged and waved goodbye.  We all went to the train station and went to Madrid by train. After we got out of the train it was the last time we saw everyone.  We all went our own ways.  Our group went to the airport. After the long trip to Poland everyone was tired. We were back home  before 1 a.m. I really liked the trip to Spain. It was a very beautiful trip. I hope that we will repeat this trip again.

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