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Pilgrimage to Italy

Print Dodany 2011-06-02 20:23:17 przez Piotr Urbaniak

Two weeks ago I went on a pilgrimage to Italy. We left on the 28th April. We travelled by coach, which was very comfortable and modern. We got to Italy quite quickly and we went straight to the hotel. The journey was fast, but tiring so after supper we went to sleep. On the next day we went shopping because we wanted to buy some food and drink that we wanted to take for beatification. Later we went to Rome and we did some sightseeing. We saw Collosseum and the Papal Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls. Then, we went to Saint Peter's Square and we took part in beatification. When the mass finished we were exhausted. On the third day we went to Monte Cassino. On this mountain we saw monastery and cementary. On the fourth day we visted Pompeii where we saw old Italian city. Eruption of the volcano (Vesuvius) killed all people there. We visted a lot of cities for example San Giovani Rotondo, Florence, Lanciano, Manopello, Monte San Angelo and Loreto. However, the best was Venice. It was great! I really liked the journey because I visted many interesting and beautifule places.

Pielgrzymka do Włoch - Kamil Augustyn, Klasa IB

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