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The memories of the meeting with the representatives of the Socrates Comenious Group.

Dodał: Piotr Urbaniak.
Ostatnio zmieniony: 2006-12-06 10:54:10

Last week of September the teachers as well as the pupils of Gymnasium no 1 in Raba Wyżna were pleased to host their coordinators and partners of Socrates Comenius project from school I. T. C ,, De Amicis“ from Rovigo in Italy and IES Castro da Uz from As Pontes in Spain. Our guests spent one week in Poland. This time was fulfilled with sightseeing of Małopolska and particulary Podhale region, common parties, getting to know local customs and tradition and, first of all, work on accomplishment of the project. Families of students from our school entertained ten students ( in this group there were seven students from Spain as well as two students from Italy). For all of us it was an excellent opportunity to become friends, to practice our linguistic skills ( all of us spoke English) and to learn many interesting things about the lifestyle and cumstons from different countries. Students of Gymnasium uncovered for their foreign friends the charms of the Tatra Mountains as well as rafting on Dunajec River, which called on great impression on everybody. Of course very important point of the program was sightseeing of Raba Wyżna. Visit of the Socrates group coincided with two ceremonies which had very special meaning for the local community, that is consecration of Saint Hubert’s shrine by Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz as well as the opening of the road of ,,The Solidarity” by the Prime Minister Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz. Our guests participated in these two ceremonies. After that they spent time with other students of our school and with the local people. They had a little party at the camp - fire on the Rabska mountain. Socrates group finished their stay in Poland with visiting Old Town of Krak that is Cracow. This city delighted them extremmely any surely they felt sad and disappointed with the fact that they had to leave this extraordinary place so quickly after just one day. They were coming back to their countries the following day.
Three teachers from Spain and two teachers from Italy arrived together with the Spanish and Italian students to our school. The time spent together abounded with a lot of new ideas and solutions for realization of the project
,,Folklore, Music and Traditions”. For example, we fixed the time and the conditions of arrival of the students from Gymnasium to the school co-ordinating the project in As Pontes in Spain. The meeting will take place in May 2006. It will be already our last offical meeting because 2006/2007 is the last year of the project.

Angelika Jagłowska and Zofia Śmiech from class II A

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