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My memories from Maglie (5.02.2013-10.02.2013)

Dodał: Piotr Urbaniak.
Ostatnio zmieniony: 2013-02-25 18:25:15

My memories from Maglie (5.02.2013-10.02.2013)

We arrived to Maglie in the afternoon on the 5th of February. We met our host families outside the hotel. They welcomed us very warmly although we didn't know each other earlier.
On the second day, we had classes at school. We were working in the groups.
On Thursday we went on a trip. First we saw a pretty lake in the closed mine. Next we saw sea, and then we had time to relax, and we went to the beach. After the relaxing break we went to a small town called Leuca, and then we visited the underground of the old church.
Friday morning we spent at school and we worked on the presentations. After work we went to Lecce when we were divided into groups. Our new challenge was to find the places selected on the map.
We spent our last day in the second section of school. Then we played games and had lunch.
On Sunday morning we met at the hotel, said goodbye to our new friends and left for Poland.

Karolina Pulit

A trip to Italy (5.02.2013-10.02.2013) was a very interesting time. We could improve our English language and learn the culture of other countries. The journey to Maglie was very long and a little tiring, but soon after arrival we met who families who hosted us for a few days. The next day was very hard working because we spent all day in school, working on various projects and taking part in the quiz. The great thing was that we met new people on that day. The atmosphere was improved very much. All students visited the coast including the lake, cave, cliffs and roman thermes. The third day at the beginning seemed to be a bit boring but it wasn't. For the first few hours we were doing an exhibition about the history of water for 2000 years in 8 different countries (Poland, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Germany, France and Cyprus). As soon as we completed doing the gallery we went to the capital of the province, Lecce where we were divided into several groups and played the game. We were supposed to find different places shown on the map. The fourth day was the last day in Maglie. On this day, we presented collected information about water and then after lunch we played and danced. The whole trip was very exciting and interesting.

Sebastian Sikora, class IIC


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